Past World Horror Conventions

Past WHCs

World Horror Convention 2016, Provo, UT,
Author Guest of Honor: Sarah Pinborough
Author Guest of Honor: Joe McKinney
Author Guest of Honor: Kevin J. Anderson
Artist Guest of Honor: Keith Thompson
Author Guest of Honor: Darren Shan
Academic Guest: Michael R. Collings
Special Guest: Linda Addison
Special Guest: Michaelbrent Collings
Special Guest: Michael Arnzen
Special Guest: Victoria Price
Special Guest: Dan Wells
Special Guest: Carter Reid
Ghost of Honor: Shirley Jackson

World Horror Convention 2015, Atlanta, GA,
Author Guest of Honor: Lisa Tuttle
Author Guest of Honor: Christopher Golden
Author Guest of Honor: Tom Piccirilli
Author Guest of Honor: John Farris
Author Guest of Honor: Kami Garcia
Author Guest of Honor: Charlaine Harris
Artist Guest of Honor: Bob Eggleton
Editor Guest of Honor: Chris Ryall
Toastmaster: Jonathan Maberry

World Horror Convention 2014, Portland, OR,
Author Guest of Honor: Nancy Holder
Author Guest of Honor: Jack Ketchum
Author Guest of Honor: Norman Partridge
Artist Guest of Honor: Gret Staples
Editor Guest of Honor: Paula Guran
Grand Master: Brian Keene
HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Stephen Jones
HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: R. L. Stine
Ghost of Honor: Edward Gorey
Special Guest: Victoria Price
Special Guest: John Shirley
Toastmaster: Alan M. Clark

World Horror Convention 2013, New Orleans, LA, (Archived Site)
Media Guest of Honor: Amber Benson
Author Guest of Honor: Caitlin R. Kiernan
Artist Guest of Honor: Glenn Chadbourne
Editor Guest of Honor: John Joseph Adams
Grand Master: Dan Simmons
Chair: Rocky Wood
Toastmaster: Jeff Strand

World Horror Convention 2012, Salt Lake City, UT, or (Archived Site)
Author Guest of Honor: Simon R. Green
Author Guest of Honor: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Artist Guest of Honor: Mike Mignola
Editor Guest of Honor: Scott Allie
Other Special Guests: John Picacio, Mort Castle, Michael R. Collings, Michaelbrent Collings, Rocky Wood & David Farland
Grand Master: T. E. D. Klein
Toastmistress: P. N. Elrod

World Horror Convention 2011, Austin, TX, (Site Defunct)
Author Guest of Honor: Sarah Langan
Author Guest of Honor: Joe Hill
Media Guest of Honor: Steve Niles
Editor Guests of Honor: Brett Alexander Savory & Sandra Kasturi
Artist Guest of Honor: Vincent Chong
Toastmaster: Joe R. Lansdale
Special Guests: Brian Keene & Del Howison
Grand Master: Jack Ketchum
Co-Chairs: Nate Southard & Lee Thomas

World Horror Convention 2010, Brighton, UK, (Archived Site)
Author Guest of Honor: Tanith Lee
Author Guest of Honor: David Case
Artist Guest of Honor: Les Edwards
Artist Guest of Honor: Dave Carson
Editor Guest of Honor: Hugh Lamb
Special Guest of Honor: James Herbert
Mistress of Ceremonies: Jo Fletcher
Special Media Guest: Ingrid Pitt
Grand Master: James Herbert
World Horror Society Lifetime Achievement Award: Basil Copper
Chair: Amanda Foubister

World Horror Convention 2009, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, (Archived Site)
Guest of Honor: Conrad Williams
Guest of Honor: Edo van Belkom
Guest of Honor: F. Paul Wilson
Guest of Honor: Joshua Gee
Artist Guest of Honor: Tommy Castillo
Grand Master: Tanith Lee
Chair: Linda Ross-Mansfield

World Horror Convention 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah, (Archived Site)
Author Guest of Honor: Dennis Etchison
Artist Guest of Honor: John Jude Palencar
Academic Guest of Honor: Michael R. Collings
Special Guest: Jeff Strand
Special Guest: Dave Dinsmore, Biting Dog Press
Special Guest: Mort Castle
Toastmaster: Simon Clark
Special HWA Guest: Gary A. Braunbeck
Special Academic Guest, Dr. A. L. Carlisle
Ghost of Honor: Edgar Allen Poe
Grand Master: Robert McCammon
Chair: Charlene Harmon

World Horror Convention 2007, Toronto, Ontario, (Archived Site)
Author Guests of Honor: Michael Marshall Smith, Nancy Kilpatrick
Artist Guest of Honor: John Picacio
Publisher Guest of Honor: Peter Crowther
Editor Guest of Honor: Don Hutchison
Media Guest of Honor: Peter Atkins
Mistress of Ceremonies: Sèphera Girón
Grand Master: Joe R. Lansdale
Special HWA Guest: Gahan Wilson
Chair: Amanda Foubister

World Horror 2006 – San Francisco, CA, USA, (Site Defunct)
Author Guests of Honor: Kim Newman, Koji Suzuki
Artist Guest of Honor: Brom
Media Guest of Honor: Bill Moseley
Editor Guest of Honor: John Pelan
Writer’s Workshop: Mort Castle
Editor’s WOrkshop: Nancy Kilpatrick
Toastmaster: Peter Straub
Grand Master: Ray Garton
Chairs: Jeremy Lassen, Darren McKeeman and Chad Savage

World Horror 2005 – New York, NY, USA, (Archived Site)
Author Guests of Honor: Harlan Ellison, Joe R. Lansdale, Tim Lebbon, Tom Piccirilli, Jack Ketchum, Mort Castle and Amber Benson
Filmmaker Guest of Honor: Mick Garris
Artist Guest of Honor: Allen K (Koszowski),
Editor Guests of Honor: Tom and Elizabeth Monteleone
Writer’s Workshop: Mort Castle
Masters of Ceremonies: Stan Wiater and Poet Linda Addison
Grand Master: F Paul Wilson
Chair: Monica O’Rourke

World Horror 2004 – Phoenix, Arizona, USA, (Archived Site)
Author Guest of Honor: Douglas Clegg
Artist Guest of Honor: Caniglia
Editor Guest of Honor: Stephen Jones
Media Guest of Honor: Dee Snider
Special Guest of Honor: Adam Niswander
Writer’s Workshop: Mort Castle
Editor’s Workshop: Nancy Kilpatrick
Toastmaster: David Morrell
Grand Master: Jack Williamson
Chair: Mike Willmoth

World Horror 2003 – Kansas City, Missouri, USA, (Site Defunct)
Author Guest of Honor: Brian A. Hopkins
Publisher Guest of Honor: Don D’Auria
Artist Guest of Honor: Nick Smith
Special Guest of Honor: Forrest J. Ackerman
Writer’s Workshop: Mort Castle
Mistress of Ceremonies: Laurell K. Hamilton
Grand Master: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Chair: Dee Willis

World Horror 2002 – Chicago, Illinois, USA, (Site Defunct)
Author Guests of Honor: Gene Wolfe, Neil Gaiman
Editor Guests of Honor: Melissa Ann Singer
Artist Guest of Honor: Randy Broecker
Poetry Guest of Honor: Jo Fletcher
Photography Guest of Honor: Beth Gwinn
Music Guest of Honor: Liz Mandville Greeson
Comics and Young Adult Guest of Honor: Jill Thompson
Media Guests: Rich “Svengoolie” Koz, Patricia Tallman, Robert Z’dar
Special Guests: Karen Taylor, Yvonne Navarro, Brian A. Hopkins
Toastmaster: Gahan Wilson
Grand Master: Charles L. Grant
Chairs: Rich Lukes & Tina L. Jens

World Horror 2001 – Seattle, Washington, USA, (Site Defunct)
Guest of Honor in Memorium: Richard Laymon
Writer Guests of Honor: Simon Clark, Michael Slade, Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Publisher Guests of Honor: Barbara Roden, Christopher Roden
Artist Guest of Honor: Charles Vess
Toastmaster: Jack Ketchum
Grand Master: Ray Bradbury
Chair: Paul M. Carpenter

World Horror 2000 – Denver, Colorado, USA, (Site Defunct)
Writer Guests of Honor: Peter Straub, Melanie Tem, Steve Rasnic Tem, J. Michael Straczynski, Graham Joyce
Artist Guest of Honor: Rick Lieder
Editor Guest of Honor: Ellen Datlow
Master of Ceremonies: Dan Simmons
Grand Master: Harlan Ellison
Chair: Edward Bryant

World Horror 1999 – Atlanta, Georgia, USA, (Site Defunct)
Writer Guests of Honor: Michael Bishop, John Shirley
Artist Guest of Honor: Lisa Snellings
Master of Ceremonies: Neil Gaiman
Grand Master: Ramsey Campbell
Chair: Ed Kramer

World Horror 1998 – Phoenix, Arizona, USA, (Site Defunct)
Author – Brian Lumley
Artist – Bernie Wrightson
Publisher – Tom Doherty
Toastmaster – John Steakley
Media – Tom Savini
Chairs: Doreen Webbert & Jean Goddin
Grand Master: Brian Lumley

World Horror 1997 – Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Writer Guests of Honor: Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Brite, Joe R. Lansdale
Artist Guest of Honor: Rick Berry
Media Guest of Honor: Gunnar Hansen
Editor Guest of Honor: Darrel Schweitzer
Master of Ceremonies: Edo van Belkom
Grand Master: Peter Straub
Chairs: Lisa & Shawn Passero

World Horror 1996 – Eugene, Oregon, USA
Writer Guests of Honor: Clive Barker, Charles de Lint, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Don Maitz, Janny Wurtz
Special Guests: Tim Powers, Edward Bryant
Grand Master: Dean Koontz
Chair: Christine F. York

World Horror 1995 – Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Writer Guests of Honor: John Farris, Neil Gaiman, R. L. Stine
Artist Guest of Honor: Alan M. Clark
Special Media Guest: Alice Cooper
Master of Ceremonies: Brian Lumley
Grand Master: Clive Barker
Chair: Edward E. Kramer

World Horror 1994 – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Writer Guests of Honor: Charles L. Grant, Dan Simmons
Artist Guest of Honor: Gahan Wilson
Master of Ceremonies: Edward Bryant
Grand Master: Anne Rice
Chairs: Doreen Webbert & Jean Goddin

World Horror 1993 – Stamford, Connecticut, USA
Writer Guests of Honor: Peter Straub, Les Daniels
Artist Guest of Honor: Stephen Gervais
Special Media Guest: Paul Clemens
Master of Ceremonies: Stanley Wiater
Grand Master: Richard Matheson
Chair: Harold Kinney

World Horror 1992 – Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Writer Guest of Honor: Richard Matheson
Artist Guest of Honor: Harry O. Morris
Special Media Guest: Richard Christian Matheson
Master of Ceremonies: Brian Lumley
Grand Master: Stephen King
Chair: Maureen Dorris

World Horror 1991 – Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Artist Guest of Honor: Jill Bauman
Masters of Ceremonies: David J. Schow, John Skipp, Craig Spector, Richard Christian Matheson
Grand Master: Robert Bloch
Chair: Maureen Dorris

The World Horror Convention

The World Horror Convention (WHC) is an annual literary-based event for the horror industry, centered around authors, publishers, editors, artists and others related to the creation and production of scary books.

Currently there is no World Horror Convention scheduled - this site will be updated when that changes.

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