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World Horror Convention 2015, Atlanta, GA, WHC2015.org
Author Guest of Honor: Lisa Tuttle
Author Guest of Honor: Christopher Golden
Author Guest of Honor: Tom Piccirilli
Author Guest of Honor: John Farris
Author Guest of Honor: Kami Garcia
Author Guest of Honor: Charlaine Harris
Artist Guest of Honor: Bob Eggleton
Editor Guest of Honor: Chris Ryall
Toastmaster: Jonathan Maberry
Visit the website for the most current guest lineup and information!

World Horror Convention 2016, Provo, UT, WHC2016.org
Author Guest of Honor: Sarah Pinborough
Author Guest of Honor: Joe McKinney
Author Guest of Honor: Kevin J. Anderson
Artist Guest of Honor: Keith Thompson
Academic Guest: Michael R. Collings
Special Guest: Linda Addison
Special Guest: Michaelbrent Collings
Special Guest: Victoria Price
Special Guest: Dan Wells
Special Guest: Carter Reid
Ghost of Honor: Shirley Jackson

The World Horror Convention

The World Horror Convention (WHC) is an annual literary-based event for the horror industry, centered around authors, publishers, editors, artists and others related to the creation and production of scary books. The next WHC will be held in Atlanta, GA on May 7-10, 2015.

Visit the Official 2015 WHC Website HERE.

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