About WorldHorrorConvention.com

About This Website

WorldHorrorConvention.com was created by and is maintained by Chad Savage / Sinister Visions inc. as a courtesy to the horror industry. Prior to this site, there was no ongoing online presence for the WHC; each year’s convention had its own site and the information each year’s Committee accumulated vanished a year or two after that year’s event.

This site is intended to help bridge the gaps from year to year, but it’s a lot of information to keep up with for one person. If you have suggestions, ideas for articles or additional material, answers to questions, anything at all – PLEASE submit it for inclusion in this site.

WorldHorrorConvention.com also now hosts the information formerly found at WorldHorrorSociety.org, and is maintained with the blessing and guidance of the World Horror Society.

The World Horror Convention

The World Horror Convention (WHC) is an annual literary-based event for the horror industry, centered around authors, publishers, editors, artists and others related to the creation and production of scary books.

Currently there is no World Horror Convention scheduled - this site will be updated when that changes.

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