Greetings! We have just returned from an AWESOME weekend in Atlanta, where the…

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  • Posted : May 11th, 2015
Greetings! We have just returned from an AWESOME weekend in Atlanta, where the 2015 World Horror Convention was held! We had a blast! It was so great to meet everyone, renew old acquaintances, and enjoy the convention! WE were in the Dealer's Room, sitting next to William F. Nolan, and a nicer man you'll never meet! He regaled us with stories about his friendship with the legendary Ray Bradbury, among others. One table over was Jack Ketchum, another fantastic writer. We were so honored to sit with them and have that chance to get to know them better.

Now, we can l;ook forward to the World Horror Convention in 2016! We have a fantastic lineup of guest for you all. Our confirmed guests include (but may not be limited to):

Guests of Honor:
Kevin J. Anderson
Michael R. Collings
Joe McKinney
Sarah Pinborough
Keith Thompson

Special Guests:
Linda Addison
Michael Arnzen
Michaelbrent Collings
Victoria Price
Carter Reid
Dan Wells

Memorial Guest of Honor:
Shirley Jackson
(Lottery tickets provided)

The World Horror Convention

The World Horror Convention (WHC) is an annual literary-based event for the horror industry, centered around authors, publishers, editors, artists and others related to the creation and production of scary books. The next WHC will be held in Provo, UT on April 28-May 1, 2016.

Visit the Official 2016 WHC Website HERE.

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